The digital management of people and services has never been easier.

With Dina, you can book, access, personalise, control, pay and verify, all with one single software solution that is tailor-made for your organisation.

HR Management

Facility managers or administrators set group policies in which every employee has a user profile that grants access to functions, spaces, services and more, as appropriate. Personal data, preferences, roles, licences and policies are available for every user profile, each of which can also be associated with a badge, while authentication is carried out via Office 365 or Google.


Space management

Shared spaces, offices, workstations, lockers, meeting rooms, parking areas, services and their related automation systems can all be booked and managed, their use monitored and controlled in a completely digital way thanks to the intuitive interface.

Pre-booking system

Limited resources (parking areas, workstations, lockers or other) are managed in rotation. Every month and in equal measure, users are assigned a given resource for the following day or for future booking. If a user does not reply, the invitation is reassigned until it is accepted, ensuring efficient usage each day.


Access control

The access control system for rooms, services, workstations and communal areas displays real-time usage in order to optimise resources, collect data for any corrective action, and create maintenance plans based on actual use.

Automations and accessories control

Integrated app-controlled automation allows for the setting of temperature, lighting, blinds and all network- connected accessories (wireless chargers, USBs, video conferencing, etc.) for scenarios that are set according to group policy or personalised by each user based on settings selected by the building manager.


Offline services

Services outside the organisation are easily integrated for the digital management of both booking and payment/invoicing. Access to external services can be part of a group policy or associated with specific rooms, like a bar service in meeting rooms for example.


On request, or for co-working spaces or parking areas, the platform can integrate advanced digital payment systems with the possibility to update rental costs for spaces, workstations or services in real time depending on market needs.



The data collected and exchanged in real-time makes it possible to monitor activities, schedule maintenance, check failures and optimise consumption. These tools, whether for forecasting, costing or programming, are combined in one single interface to allow for the advanced management of office environments.


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